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Dear Guests,
Switzerland looks forward to welcoming you to the 15th World Holstein Friesian Federation Conference, which will take place on 21 – 27 March 2021 in Montreux. Intensive preparations for the event have been undertaken over the last three years by a Conference Organizing Committee that includes representatives from Holstein Switzerland, Swissgenetics and Swissherdbook.

The infrastructure offered by Montreux makes it the ideal host town for the Conference, with short routes that will allow guests to make their way comfortably on foot or by public transport between their hotel accommodation and the Conference venues. The region surrounding Montreux is also an extremely attractive destination for tourists, including the numerous leading lights of international music who make their way to the shores of Lake Geneva for the annual Montreux Jazz Festival. Deep Purple‘s "Smoke on the Water", which was inspired by a fire that engulfed Montreux Casino in 1971, counts among the world’s best-known song titles, and it is to the impressive hall "Claude Nobs" of the very same casino that we look forward to welcoming our guests for the Conference‘s evening events.

Amid the attractions of Montreux, however, it is the Holstein cow that will stand at the center of Conference proceedings. Specialist lectures will provide us with extensive information about the present-day status and future of the world’s foremost dairy breed, whilst exchanges and discussions between Conference participants will represent another invaluable aspect of the event.
Moreover, we will be delighted to show you excellent Holstein and Red Holstein cows our farm tours and at EXPO Bulle, Switzerland’s national exhibition.

We therefore look forward to greeting you in Montreux in spring 2021 – not, for once, to the strains of "Smoke on the Water", but instead to a rousing chorus of "Holstein, Simply the Best"!
Markus Gerber
President of the Organizing Committee

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