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Swissgenetics has a very broad genetic offering to meet every need. For Switzerland's test program top bulls are developed from the Holstein and Red Holstein breeds and which also arouse international interest. The Swiss offering is usefully supplemented through access to the worldwide Holstein genetic offering.

Suisselab AG is a competence centre in milk analytics and veterinary diagnostics with an extensive national and international network. The services offered by Suisselab AG range from analyses for individual customers to large-scale, collective programmes on a national level.
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    UFA AG
UFA (Union of Agricultural Federations) is the Swiss leading company in the animal nutrition sector. It produces and sells compound feed and specialties under the UFA and HYPONA brands. In addition, it offers a whole series of ancillary services to the animal keepers. UFA and HYPONA products are marketed through the regional LANDIs that work in partnership with UFA.

Interprofession du Gruyère
The Interprofession du Gruyère is composed of representatives of milk producers, cheesemakers and refiners. It actively defends the interests of Gruyère AOP, manages the protected designation of origin label, promotes and protects the 'Le Gruyère AOP' brand, defines market operating rules and their application and all other actions relating to the interests of Gruyère AOP.

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Cremo has been innovating, creating, processing, manufacturing and marketing consumer dairy products since 1927. Established in the French-speaking part of Switzerland since its creation in 1927, it has been representing dairy and cheese know-how for a long time. Offering superior quality products while ensuring fair treatment to the milk producers is at the heart of Cremo. For more information: www.cremo.ch.

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Thanks to unique production standards and a positive image based on a living tradition, Swiss milk is at the forefront worldwide. The FPSL, in collaboration with its member organisations, services Swiss milk producers. Accordingly, it endeavours to meet the higher interests of Swiss dairy production.
VIANCO - Your partner in breeding, livestock and slaughter trade since 1991. VIANCO is a medium-sized Swiss livestock trading company based in Brugg, AG. In the VIANCO centres in Gunzwil, LU (Central Switzerland), in Kradolf, TG (Eastern Switzerland) and in the VIANCO Arena in Brunegg, AG (Northwest Switzerland), around 40 auctions and numerous sales are held each year. VIANCO's core business also includes brokering breeding and slaughter cattle, import of breeding cattle (meat breeds), exporting breeding cattle (dairy and meat breeds) and animal transport.
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World Wide Sires provides industry leading genetics and services to ensure continued success for our global customers. We are dedicated to offering you a high-quality product with proven results. We offer proven and genomic sires that excel in TPI, Production, Management Traits, Fertility and Type. Partner with the company driving genetic progress around the world and experience the difference
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The mission of Neogen Corporation is to be the leading company in the development and marketing of solutions for food and animal safety.
Founded in 1982, Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) now operates out of multiple U.S. and international locations, and has a worldwide presence. With corporate headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, Neogen has additional facilities in Lexington, Kentucky; Randolph, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; and other U.S. locations; and Mexico, Brazil, Scotland, England, India, Australia, and China.

holstein international     Holstein International
Since 1994, your monthly source for unbiased and professional articles on Holstein bulls and cow families worldwide. Holstein International is your source of information when selecting new bulls and making other important breeding decisions. Via a number of background articles you will be directly informed about the strengths and weaknesses of bulls that receive global use, from an objective and unbiased perspective. Furthermore, you will be introduced first-hand to the most current cow families. The expert editors at Holstein International closely follow worldwide breeding trends and make this valuable information accessible worldwide. Holstein International – the unique magazine for the Holstein Industry. Unique because it has completely original, knowledgeable and unbiased content, crafted by its own dedicated, professional and independent team of editors and photographers. Moreover: every issue is fully replicated and published in 5 different languages. Plus: it is uniquely enjoyed by over 45,000 readers in more than 66 countries. Your information source for everything around breeding !

avl interpretters     Avl interpreters llc
Avl interpreters carries out the live translation from English into German, French and Spanish.

    Federal Office for Agriculture
vaud logo     Canton de Vaud
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